Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fire Trucks, Disneyland, Easter Eggs, The Park, Parties, and more Fire Trucks

We have been so busy lately. I can't believe how many fun things we got to do in march. My sister Jill threw her son Kyle a super fun Fire Truck Pizza party which my kids loved and it was awesome. They especially loved the part where you get sprayed down with the fire hose :). Who doesn't love a wet baby!?
I have also found the best park in Yorba Linda, well at least in my opinion, Arroyo Park. My kids love it. I love that I can just sit and watch them have fun most of the time. Except when Kaya wants me to push her on the swing for hours at a time :).
Sienna and Claire's 1st Bday party was so cute. Kristen and Emily did an awesome job decorating and the food was awesome. Too bad my kids were insane that day. I don't know why they refuse to have fun sometimes. It makes me sad I want to tell them they are missing out.
More Fire Trucks! You can tell Cruz is a fan!
I wish I had a picture of Cruz with the police dogs. It was awesome he kept saying giddy up and was trying to mount them. I guess he's never seen a dog so big and thought it was a horse. :) Too bad they wouln't let him ride it. That would have made for some awesome memories.


Shannon said...

Congrats on Baby #3!! Hope you update and share a pic! :)

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