Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My new baby Neice :)

Here are some pics of my new baby neice. She's about 2 1/2 weeks old now and soooo cute :)!

Pics from our Cruz to Ensenada

Yeah! Cruz! NO, not Tom Cruz, we are on a cruz. :)

This was the fancy night, we left dinner, changed, and got pizza. Classy!

You Can Do It!

I am soo cool.

Check out the scenery!

Why didn't I buy this!

Shuffle Board! Sooo fun! I beat Rob everytime! Well except twice.

We wore the life Jackets the whole time! :)
We just got back from our first cruz! It was alot of fun, mainly because we got to relax a little after all of the stress we've been dealing with finding jobs and Rob's finals. When we got there we were a little dissapointed at first because our room smelt like BO and really bad jamacan colon and Rob couldn't stretch his arms out without touching both sides of the room. However; it got alot better when we discovered the shuffle board on deck! Yeah! We love it, but we had to fight all the 80 year old men for it. Anyway, after that we relaxed by the pool and got some good burns that are turning into nice tans :) and feel alot less stressed. We got to go Rock climbing and try on Big Pink somberos in Ensenada. Overall, we had a really good time! Check out the pictures. xoxo

Saturday, April 5, 2008

OUr First Blog

This is my first blog. woo hoo! We are sooo excited to join in to the blog trend. I heard its the cool thing to do right now. I like being cool. Here is a picture of me and my burrito (hubby), Rob. He is so cute! I hope you guys enjoy, and I'm so excited to start blogging with everyone, so lets link up and all be friends. Yay!