Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's been so long since I've blogged, so I will try to update everyone on what we've been doing. We are still living in Placentia with the Gibson's. Life is busy and good. We are still waiting to hear if Rob got into Loma Linda's PA program, but hopefully we will have a happy announcement for everyone in a couple of days. I've been working at InterCall since Novemeber and am still trying to figure it out. The job has been super challenging and stressful, but I've been doing really good. So hope I can keep it up. Lately we've been trying to spend more time at the beach since its only 20 minutes away. Two weekends ago we went to Mutt Lynches. It's this super fun restaurant right on the boardwalk in Newport and you get your soda in these huge goblets! Love it! Kiley, if you're reading this Mutt's misses you. And this weekend we went down to Crystal Cove and went for a walk to the Shake Shack but didn't get anything. What is up with that!? Next time that won't happen. Anyways, just thought it was sad that my last post was forever ago. I hope everyone is doing awesome! Here are some pictures of our latest adventures!

12/13 Rob's birthday surprise! I told Rob it was just Him and I going to Lucille's for his birthday (his fav restaurant) and when he showed up his friends were there to surprise him. It was so fun and the food was good.

Christmas!! My favorite holiday was super fun this year. This is Rob and I Christmas morning.

Rob ran a 1/2 marathon. I knew he could do it, but I thought we was crazy that is like 13+ miles! Good Job Rob. He rand it in 2 hrs and 15 min. Pretty good for only having a week to train and being sick that whole week. I think it would take me 4 maybe 5 hours. :)

We never get to see Nikki and Brooks, but we were lucky and had an awesome night of Crepes and a movie! Yum!
Cupcakes!! I've recently developed a desire to make tons of cupcakes. My Mom gave me this awesome book for Christmas called Hello Cupcakes! and it has the cutest stuff in it. Here are some pics, the first are TV dinner cupcakes and then my sunflower cupcakes.

Snowboarding with Monica and Sean in Utah. We had the BEST time with the Struebings in Utah. We got to stay at Sean's parents house in St. George, it was so nice and it was only 45 minutes away from Bryan Head. We played Hand Foot every night and never won, but we will beat you guys someday! You'll see. It practically snowed the entire trip and we were snowboarding in snow up to our waists. It was awesome! That is the only time in my life that I could say there was too much snow. But at least it didn't hurt when we fell. :) We took a drive through Zion National Park, it is so pretty. Check it out.

For my birthday Rob surprised me and took me to the Melting Pot. It was so fun and super delicious. I love going to that place, especially the dessert part of going there. Yum! Thanks Rob, you are always do everything you can to make sure I'm happy. I love you!

The Beach...