Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fire Trucks, Disneyland, Easter Eggs, The Park, Parties, and more Fire Trucks

We have been so busy lately. I can't believe how many fun things we got to do in march. My sister Jill threw her son Kyle a super fun Fire Truck Pizza party which my kids loved and it was awesome. They especially loved the part where you get sprayed down with the fire hose :). Who doesn't love a wet baby!?
I have also found the best park in Yorba Linda, well at least in my opinion, Arroyo Park. My kids love it. I love that I can just sit and watch them have fun most of the time. Except when Kaya wants me to push her on the swing for hours at a time :).
Sienna and Claire's 1st Bday party was so cute. Kristen and Emily did an awesome job decorating and the food was awesome. Too bad my kids were insane that day. I don't know why they refuse to have fun sometimes. It makes me sad I want to tell them they are missing out.
More Fire Trucks! You can tell Cruz is a fan!
I wish I had a picture of Cruz with the police dogs. It was awesome he kept saying giddy up and was trying to mount them. I guess he's never seen a dog so big and thought it was a horse. :) Too bad they wouln't let him ride it. That would have made for some awesome memories.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sea World

So I realize I haven't blogged in like a year, but I feel like now is the time to start again. We are having so much fun with the twins. They are growing so fast and say the funniest things all the time. And... with a baby girl on the way I have alot to blog about. For my birthday we went to Sea World and had so much fun. The twins actually watched the shows and loved the animals, especially the dolphins. So here are some pics of our little adventure.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Morning!

These are old pics too, but every morning I wake up to these cutie booties being soooo happy. I love it!! So I thought I'd share some pics so that maybe they can brighten your day too!

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Maddy's Birthday Party

So these are pretty old pictures from April, but...I thought I'd post them anyway since they are so cute and we had so much fun. My sis Michelle planned this really cute party with all sorts of reptiles and it was so much fun. Here are some pics of the event.

All the kiddos with a giant snake!

Cruz and Dadda with a cute little froggy.

Little miss french fry loving her Uncle Blake.

Kaya being crazy!

The best picture I got of the two of them :( Its so hard to catch them smiling and sitting together. It pretty much never happens.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Mr. Monkey's first haircut

I know that everyone is going to say that I should not have cut off his curls, but I didn't know how to do his hair anymore and I was worried his hair might start looking like Krusty the Clown. jk But anyway I thought it was time to give Mr. Monkey his first haircut. Cruz was a good sport as long as he had some snacks... I know it sounds gross mixing snacks with a haircut, but it was the only way. I think his new do is pretty cute. These are some before and after shots.

This is Mr. Cruz before...

This is Mr. Monkey after. Pretty cute huh! Mama has got the skills huh :)

March 2011

The babies are 8 months old now and March was a big month for us. Cruz is now crawling and Kaya is army crawling. They are learning so fast and are so hard to keep up with. I feel like I'm constantly chasing them and putting them back in the play area just to run and grab them again. I've been trying the think positively about all of this hoping that all this running around will help me loose my baby weight. It hasn't worked yet... Saturday I found Cruz inside the excersaucer he had gotten inside all by himself. He has turned into this crazy monkey over night. Kaya is such a big girl now. Today I gave her a bath and dressed her and sat her on the floor with this cute little drum for her to play with. I gave Cruz a bath and got him dressed to find her still sitting there playing with the drum and belly laughing at Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is so sweet and happy all the time. They both laugh at the dog and kitty now and wake eachother up during nap time. I can't believe how big my giant babies are, before I know it they will be 1 and walking. Here are some pictures of my cute little monsters last month.

Mr. Monkey in the excersaucer :)

Pics of the twinners at Auntie Dre's house. Jackson in the middle not sure why all these babies have taken over his house...jk He loved the babies :)

Andrea and Kaya happy girls!

Mr. Monkey flirting with the camera.

Little missy ballerina rolled herself into a burrito! favorite.

Mr. Monkey just being cute.

Little missy ballerina with Grandma and Grandpa Nuttall. Happy to see them as always.

Mr. Monkey crawling! Always showing off :)