Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!
We are blessed with so many wonderful people in our lives and we hope you all know we love you.

My sister Michelle had the best idea to take these Valentines pictures of the babies. They looked so cute in their valentines outfits I made with some of my Grandma's fabric. (Thanks Grandma) They were free so that's the best part! Even though they were super tired we still got a cute picture. Thanks Michelle!
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My Cuties :)

We finally took pictures of the babies in their blessing outfits. They turned out so cute! Thanks Aunt Shell. Cruz barely fit in his outfit because he first wore it when he was 2 months old but it still looked cute. And Kaya is wearing the most beautiful dress that my Grandma made her. It is so beautiful and has such pretty details. I hope that Kaya's daughters can wear it when they are blessed. Thank you so much Grandma Olive. You are amazing.

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